Byzantine chant between Constantinople and the Danubian Principalities. Studies in Byzantine Musicology

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    Nicolae GHEORGHITA has been Associate Professor at the Music National University in Bucharest (since 1999) and Music Officer at the Military Music Service. Born in 1971, in Constanţa County, he graduated the Music National University, Byzantine Music section (1996) and Musicology section (1998), and attended post-university studies within the same institution (master degree [1996-1997], doctoral degree [2005]), as well as in Athens with Gregorios STATHIS and Lykourgos ANGELOPOULOS (1997-1998), in Thessaloniki with Antonios ALYGIZAKIS (2003 – 2004), in Cambridge with Ruth DAVIS (2006, 2009) and in St Petersburg (2009).
    Second Conductor of the Byzantine Music Choir Psalmodia at the Music National University in Bucharest and member of The Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania (2001).
    Author of four volumes: Sebastian Barbu-Bucur – monograph, Bucharest (2000); Chinonicul duminical în perioada post-bizantină. Liturgică şi muzică, Bucharest (2007 and 2009); Διονύσιος Φωτεινός – Ἀναστασιματάριον Νέον, Mount Athos (2009), Antichitatea creştină şi muzica ei, Bucharest (2011 [forthcoming]), and over 20 studies in Romanian, English and Greek languages, most of them submitted to national and international Musicology and Byzantine Studies symposiums (in Romania, Greece, Nederland, Finland, Austria, England).
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